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DGS Gold is a cryptographically encrypted token that is skillfully engineered to feel and behave like real-life gold. It is a known fact that gold can not be manufactured, rather, it is being mined from under the earth. Your soft gold behaves hundred percent similar to physical gold in this sense, because no one has the ability to create a single gram except through mining. The mining engine is designed to use your gold as fuel to mine new ones. The gold in the mining wallet is used as gas to power the mining engine. Every 24 hours, some percentage of your gold is burnt, and new ones are created in its place and sent to your earning wallet (Although this feature is in the blueprint, it was not implemented until recently). Every ten days, the mined gold in your earning wallet can be extracted to be taken to market for sale. The process of withdrawing earned gold is synonymous to the gold purification process. When gold is mined, it contains impurities that will need to be removed to make it pure. The gold in your earning wallet is in the same state as a freshly mined gold, because it does not possess a unique identification number and cryptographic signature. During the withdrawal process, the gold becomes singned and labelled.

DGS Business Model is designed to remove the barrier in gold trading and ownership. Traditional means of gold processing and transaction are difficult, has limited accessibility and sometimes dangerous. DGS dermines to simplify the mining, storage and trading of gold by converting the whole concept into a virtual environment. By utilizing this methodology, DGS is able to establish a platform that is totally owned and run by users. From mining, withdrawal, to trading, the process is completely run by end user without a need of intervention from system administrator.

Simple Ways To Earn From DGS

  • Trade Gold And Make a Fortune
  • Invest Your Gold Into DGS And Make Up to 2.5% Daily In Mined Gold
  • Refer Your Friends And Earn 10% Of Their Initial Investments
  • Speculate On The Gold Market And Generate Cool Revenue
  • Sell On The DGS Shop

Exciting Features

DGS is feature rich, and come preloaded with tons of ways to earn, invest and enjoy GOLD.

  • trading
  • investment
  • shopping

About Our Business

DGS is the brainchild of a congregation of tallented enreprenuers and skilled tech veterans. The concept of DGS was inspired by traditional gold transaction life-cycle. DGS company is incorporated to create an off-chain solution that will simulate every characteristic of physical gold. Later, the company obtained a licence that allows full blockhain implementation of the SOFT-GOLD concept.

The result of having a group of high net worth investors and creative enginers as DGS founders and owners is a platform that can withstand and absorb shocks that can shatter an online platform in the blink of an eye.... learn more

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What Can DGS

The Token you own as a soft GOLD is a means to get real value aut of your posession.

  • Invest your GOLD to have it increase at the rate of up to 2.5% daily
  • Store your earnings in our secured GOLD Vault and cash at will
  • Visit DGS Store and tour the exciting world of shopping

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EMCO Migration:

Aug 5, 2018 — Oct 1, 2018

Voucher Sale:

Aug 21, 2018 — Sep 4, 2018

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36 million

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1 million

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As Determined By Market Forces

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