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With virtual gold one can trade at anywhere in the world irrespective of his/her location – with DGS gold, you can invest in the multimillion dollar ancient Gold market called Dubai Gold Souk, making profit and withdrawing the earning either in physical Gold or in Cash – that's exactly what DGS online platform does, it's the "opportunity" – bringing gold to your door steps.

In DGS, a registered member can buy Gold either from traders or from fellow participants (merchants) in the online gold market or even from a friend one knows.

In the hierarchical order of the DGS investors, there is company selling the gold to super-traders who in turn sell to traders and the traders sell to ordinary registered members of DGS, the bench mark price of each gold from the company (in Nigerian Naira ) is 10,000 Naira equivalent to 1 DGS gold.

Traders are ordinary participants who have up to 100 pieces of pure 24 karat DGS gold in their possession, that's a person who invest up to $3200 ( about 1 million Nigerian naira). Traders neither sell gold at 10,000 Naira nor do they buy it at 10,000 Naira ($32) – they sell the gold above $32 and buy it a bit below $32 depending on the market forces.

How it works image

Having acquired the Gold in saving wallet, the merchant may use the gold either for shopping from DGS shop or invest into the company by moving the soft gold from saving to an investment wallet, where it generates daily profit, withdraw-able after only 10days, this profit rate solely depends on the account type a merchant has with DGS. Below are the account types and their daily earning rate.

1-Basic account (1.5%) 2-Classic account (2.0%) 3-Golden account (2.5%)

The account of a newly registered merchant who has not referred up to five(5) people is called Basic account ( earning 1.5% of their total investment daily), once he/she refers up to 5 active people into DGS company his/her account will automatically be upgraded to Classic account.

And if the number of referrals is up to 10, then the merchant's account will be upgraded to Golden account with the highest earning rate as much as 2.5% daily, 25% in just 10 days and 75% monthly.