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What Is DGS?

DGS is a multi-million dollar online Gold establishment, which was inspired by the great traditional market located at Dubai's business district in Deira which was established since 1930s in the locality of Al Dhagaya, commercial center Dubai UAE, namely Dubai gold souk.

As far back as the first Egyptian dynasty, gold and silver have been revered for their beauty and intrinsic value. Today, thousands of years later, gold and silver and other precious metals are still trusted choices for protecting your wealth.

As stalwart online company, DGS offers everything you need to plan for the future, to secure your financial assets —bringing gold investment to your door step, keeping you rich and wealthy through its investment services.

DGS is a financial institution, providing investment opportunities in gold and cryptocurrency through the use of its coin called Emirate Coin. It’s an opportunity Bringing gold trade to your doorstep.

DGS platform, was established in the year 2010. With a superb track record of global gold investment opportunities and financial empowerment, the platform has over 50,000 happily registered merchants in destinations around the globe including but not limited to Africa, most ancient countries and some part of Europe.

With an extensive network and relationship with strategic partners, DGS consistently combine new ideas to make more new innovative features in a prime investment areas with significant potential to increase the value for our merchants.

DGS itself is completely fully decentralized, with mission to simplify whilst making Gold business more convenient, secured and economically easy.

DGS gold will be the first cryptocurrency gold coin to be used worldwide as payment system through the EMCO POS App, as the system will work without single administrator or central bank –where no intermediary is needed to carry out any transection(s), all transection to be verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded like all other fully Decentralized coin in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple and precise. Working hard to take DGS and its coin EMCO to the global crypto-market and strive to make it walk among the best.

Simple Ways To Earn From DGS

  • Trade Gold And Make a Fortune
  • Invest Your Gold Into DGS And Make Up to 2.5% Daily
  • Refer Your Friends And Earn 10% Of Their Investments
  • Speculate On The Gold Market And Generate Cool Revenue
  • Sell On The DGS Shop